I think I may be able to let Troy go now.



Tonight’s episode was everything.

Have you seen the newest episodes of Community? The Nicolas Cage thing? I love Danny Pudi.

YAAAAAAAAS COMMUNITY IS WHERE MY HEART LIVES!! *cough* No but seriously, I was so angry about season 4 that I watched episodes one and two of season 5 through my fingers even though I knew Dan Harmon was back. I was so scared! AND THEN IT WAS SO GOOD!!! *sobbing* I was visiting my mom and the poor woman had to listen to me go on and on about Abed’s friendship with Shirley (on of my favorite parts of the show), Britta’s re-awesomeing, Annie’s lack of ust with Jeff (not that it doesn’t have its place but I prefer Reese Witherspoon from Election Annie rather than infatuated and playing house with Jeff Annie), all the gossip from behind the set about Chevy and Donald, and of course babbling on and on about how the old vibe was BACK and how life was magical.

Now I can do that with you! Are you a Human Being? Because I will liveblog that shit with you if you are. Probably even if you’re not.

Oh, and as for your actual question (wow seuss, way to deviate) Yes I saw it. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a longass time. I’ve said “I’m a sexy cat” to four different people since I saw it and not one of them picked up on the reference, which is just disrespectful. 





This is so touching

YES I appreciated this so much! I love how he crafted the Dean as a queer character without making THAT the punchline.

Actually, yeah. That’s what I most like about the show and I’m most worried about changing now that Harmon’s gone…that the characters’ “weirdness” will become the punchline; that instead of laughing within the group, it’ll be from the perspective of an outsides looking in at the “weirdos”, a la Big Bang Theory.

Community Meme: [4/5] Relationships- Annie, Troy, & Abed


Thilo Frank - The Phoenix is Closer than it Appears (2010) - Mixed media with mirrors


One Scene Per Episode - Community
2x13 “Celebrity Pharmacology 212”.