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Apprently today I’m in the mood to contradict widely believed myths about Kirk’s personality.

So this conversation establishes that a) Kirk was a book-smart nerd at the Academy (?!) and b) he was not a womanizer, but actually shied away from relationships—and then committed too fast and too far in his first serious one. Which, at the very beginning of the series, he finds out was a manipulated set-up. HeyI don’t know, maybe that’s gonna give him some intimacy hangups and affect his behavior with women going forward?

Basically I am out to prove that Kirk is a giant sweet nerd and all his flaws are due to being emotionally damaged by douchebags with tin-foil eyes and their lab-assistant floozie pawns.

(Also, as a grad student who teaches undergrads, I am here to tell you that undergrad Mitchell going to apparently great lengths to set his grad student teacher up with a woman is So Fucking Weird.)

Call Kirk a ditzy womanizing manwhore within my hearing and I will end your life painfully.

Seriously I will fucking organize a transporter malfunction like in the Motion Picture and it will be ugly.


Are you the same Seussian that had a "Genderswap project" going on livejournal? If so I really enjoyed that and wondered if that would make a reappearance. I am a mega Atlantis fan and was looking forward to that.


Oh, yes! That would be me! Thank you so much for the awesome complement of remembering those even existed!!! LOL It’s definitely been a while since I worked on them, but I would love to resurrect my photoshop and finish the set. SGA -was-next, wasn’t it… Yep, I’ve got that started somewhere. I’ll work on it!

Thank you again so much! I’m really flattered that you commented about those. :D



My love of Steve/Tony doesn’t take away from my love of TonyxBruce, my love of Stiles/Derek doesn’t detract from my love of StilesxScott, loving RayK/Fraser doesn’t mean RayVxFraser means less to me, Arthur/Eames doesn’t destroy ArthurxCobb, John/Rodney doesn’t destroy JohnxRonon, Kirk/Bones doesn’t take away from KirkxSpock (that’s right, I ship it in reverse), and Dean/Castiel doesn’t diminish DeanxSam. SO I GUESS WHAT I MEAN IS YES. PLATONIC RELATIONSHIPS MATTER TOO. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN MY /SLASH PAIRINGS CAN’T EXIST AROUND THOSE RELATIONSHIPS.

Drove all over hell and back today listening to due South podfic and missing the Flying Bomb Lovestream like burning.

Anyone up for a rewatch Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday? I need Lovestream action!!

We’re going to kick off another Stargate Atlantis rewatch in about 2 hours, folks!

Gather here and witness the McSheppy goodness!

(maybe we can watch a little due South too? Those CKR pics Deputy’s been posting are giving me ideas…)

I need to finish my Teen Wolf Big Bang fic, because I want to write an SGA ot4 fic, a due South zombie apocalypse fic, and a Boy Meets World crossdressing fic.

And more Jeff/Craig Community ficlets.

What is the deal?! I haven’t been inspired to write in YEARS!!

I’m off Tuesday, so if anyone wants to have a rewatch party LET ME KNOW!!

Next, I believe, is The Storm and The Eye, both amazing episodes with lots of McSheppy aftermath.

Who’s in???

Stargate Atlantis rewatch today!

Gather here!

The Flying Bomb Lovestream presents:


Come to this lovely spot here and watch with us!

Atlantis is where it’s at!