Community FEELINGS

Okay, not to be “that person” on Tumblr, but come on. I’m sick of people acting like there will be ~one episode~ that will convert non-believers into Community fans! It’s like when “Documentary Filmmaking: Redux” aired and everyone was all, “Oh, but this one is for the insiders; it’s not a ‘conversion’ episode.” DUH-DOY! Community’s inside jokes are what make it so amazing! If I mention “Garrett” or “Louis Guzman” or “Barenaked Ladies,” Community fans know what I’m talking about and THEY DIE LAUGHING. It’s not like in a regular show where something is brought up a couple episodes later for a laugh and that’s it. Community is built on itself, on a series of references and inside jokes that mean when I say “Shut up, Leonard” you laugh because you not only know who I’m talking about, but you remember every previous time that was funny and why it’s especially funny now!

Community’s appeal cannot be captured in a single episode, not anymore. Either watch every episode that came before and really appreciate the show, or prepare for a Blorgon attack.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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In honor of my favorite FAVORITE moment of tonight’s episode:

Community 3.11: Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts
Andre: Hey! Anyone seen Shirley?
Abed: What? Shirley’s late to the rehearsal for her wedding? Oh, my.
Andre: Hey, man. You don’t have to be sarcastic.
Abed: I’m not being sarcastic.
Troy: We’re heavily invested in your situation. Nothing’s more important to us than your second wedding’s rehearsal going smoothly.
Andre: ... Walk away, man.
Community 3.11: Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts

Favorite parts of tonight’s episode:

1. Britta’s inherent talent for floral arrangements, decorating, and party planning. And her self-hatred thereof.

2. Annie humming Michael Haggins’ “Daybreak” from “Horror Fiction in Seven Easy Steps” and “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism.”

3. Jeff using the “Jim Belushi” of speech openings for Shirley’s wedding toast.

4. “Pick a number, dick - like it’s up to me!”

5. Shirley’s shop space being usurped by Subway. You know who else has annoying product placing for Subway on their show? COUGARTOWN. *drowns in ocean of meta*

6. Shirley’s “sexy voice.”

7. “Shut up, Leonard! Those teenage girls you play ping pong with are doing it ironically!”

8. Jeff dancing the Limburg Lean at the wedding.

9. “Blooorgon patrol!”

10. *sobbing in a corner with happiness* Everything!

In conclusion: COMMUNITY!!!!! YOU’RE BACK!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!


Community 3.11: Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts
Troy: I can't believe Shirley! We should just show up to this wedding and be the most normal people in the world.
Abed: Yeah. I can go as Normal Man, and you can be my trusty sidekick, Ordinario.
Troy: Hah- No. It's already weird. We should just show up wearing normal grey suits... with grey ties and grey shirts... we can dye our hair grey and then we can lay down on the sidewalk and be invisible! ...okay, maybe Shirley has a point.
Abed: I have an idea. What if we purged all the weirdness from our systems?
Troy: You mean...
Abed: A full 24-hour weird-down in the Dreamatorium. Just you, me, and our imaginations. No restraints. By the wedding, our temptation to act weird will be gone.
Troy: I'm feeling more normal already. Crabwalk home?
Abed: Yeah.
Community 3.11: Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts
Britta: Weddings are like little girls' tea parties, except the women are the stuffed animals, the men are making them talk, and they're not drinking tea. They're drinking antiquated gender roles.
Jeff: Somebody tell Britta what an analogy is.
Britta: I know what it is! It's like a thought... with another thought's hat on.